CO'S- We take care of our own, regardless of where they are from.


One of Vermont CO's has come upon some very hard times during the holidays, as she awaits surgery in over a month. She needs some help guys, lets show why we consider DOC a family.


A Vermont CO has been out of work for quite some time, has zero sick leave and is not scheduled to have surgery for another month.  Though she has only worked here for a couple of years, she is still part of this family.  She has a daughter and grandchild that live with her, and minimal income.  She has turned her phones off because she can’t afford it, turned her cable off because she can’t afford it, and may be in the process of losing her vehicle, and apartment, because the money she does have coming in goes toward her insurance.  She couldn’t afford to give her 3 yr old grand son a  Christmas… and anyone that has kids or grand kids knows that this has to tear her heart out.  We are trying to do as much in house fund raising, but any help for this family would be amazing, and certainly appreciated.    ‘Tis the season to touch someone’s life!!!!


I know times are hard for a lot around the holidays, and many don’t know this officer, but what I do know is that she wears the same uniform that I do, and does the same thankless job I do, which makes her part of my family.  I pray that if I were in her shoes, someone would step up and do something for me!!  I would like to thank you all in advance for any help you can offer them, and wish you all a Happy Holidays.  Regardless of your beliefs, it is about family and happiness.


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