Correctional Officers Ride 2018 -  Register here!!

8th Annual 

See presentation from 2013

The Seventh Annual Correctional Officers Ride (C.O.R.) was a great success. With the combined effort of the Hard Chargers Ontario and the Jewish National Fund (Toronto)

a total of $16,900 was raised.

Hard Chargers from Comstock; Southern New York and Adirondack chapters  were present to support the event. Many other chapters unable to attend showed their support by purchasing C.O.R. t-shirts which added more to the cause.

Unfortunately, after a successful ride in 2018, there will no longer be a C.O.R.  

We are assessing other options for helping groups in need and will post once a decision is made.

Thanks for your support over the 8 years we rode the COR!!!



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