How to Join the HCMC Ontario Chapter

Primary Membership

Requirement #1:  Each potential Full Patched Member must be employed in a Law Enforcement Field. 

                                 Whether it be Local Police Service, Corrections, Border Services Etc.



Requirement #2:  Each potential Full Patched Member must complete appilcation form and pay the                                          required patch rental fee's.


Requirement #3:  Be voted in by the club membership.  Inorder to be accepted, each new potential                                         member must make an effort to ride with the club and get to know the members.



Associate Membership

Associate membership is comprised of family and friends of the Primary members only.  Any Primary member can sponsor and submit the membership application on behalf of four (4) immediate family members. Any Primary member can submit the membership application for up to four (4) very close friends.


The Chapter President will introduce the potential Associate member at the next available meeting where the majority of the members can meet and greet the prospective new member. This is where the members can ask reasonable and honorable questions of the new prospect. When prospect is accepted by the majority of HCMC members, the Chapter President will sign his/her approval on the prospect's membership form and send it into Home Office. Chapter President has final decision.


Associate members start out with the designated Chapter's bottom rocker at the discretion of the Chapter President.


If the new Associate member receives a NOMAD bottom rocker, then their probationary period will be the traditional three (3) months. Chapter President or a designated Club official will then take a vote among the members to accept (or extend the probationary period) the probate and allow him/her to wear the designated Chapter's bottom rocker.

Supporter Membership

Supporter membership is at the discretion of the Chapter President. This position is created for those who want to give support to this Motorcycle club.


They can fall under the following categories: A.) A constant companion/rider of a member, B.) Does not own a motorcycle, but willing to travel on Chapter runs,  functions, and/or events to support their Chapter in a vehicle.


Supporter members will not be allowed to wear the LE and MC patches. Supporter member's bottom rocker will read SUPPORTER.

Please email for more information on joining the HCMC Ontario Chapter